Integral Management

At Magno Apartments we take care of everything: our aim is for owners to be completely carefree and to make them feel that their building or property is in good hands. We make sure our guests enjoy a 5-star stay and service, that's why we never settle because we strive for excellence. Do not worry about anything. We'll take care of it. How?:
· Elaboration of profitability studies.
· Creation and optimal management of advertisements.
· Global marketing and web positioning.
· Revenue Management Service.
· Agreements with the best agencies.
· Incident management and maintenance of accommodation.
· Periodic review and proposal of improvements.
· Advice on professional decoration.
· Online reputation.
· Clear and transparent information to the owner about the evolution of their property.
· Booking management and 24/7 customer service.
Check-in an check-out.
· Cleaning and laundry.
· Quality amenities.
Maximum profitability

>We have our own Revenue Management department with a long experiencie. Supported by the best professional tools, it is responsible for analysing the city's supply and demand on a daily basis, as well as the competition and the search for events in order to establish the best pricing and positioning strategies that allow us to achieve maximum profitability.
Security and transparency

We offer owners an access panel with clear and updated information about the evolution and profitability of their property or building, as well as the possibility to consult all the information about each of the reservations. If you have any questions, our team is always happy to answer them or discuss any issues at any time. For us, building a relationship of trust and transparency is essential to the full satisfaction of our owners.