10 interesting facts about Holy Week in Seville

One of the most important dates in the calendar

It is a unique experience to experience the side of Seville in which the city is decked out for these special dates.


As for Magno Apartments it is also one of the most intense and lively times of the year, we would like you to discover 10 interesting facts about Holy Week in Seville.


The head of the Virgin María Santísima de las Aguas or Virgen de las Aguas or Virgen de las Aguas (Hermandad del Museo) is the only image made of terracotta and not wood. The Christ of the Captive Jesus of the Brotherhood of San Pablo and the brotherhood of the Brotherhood of Cerro del Águila are the ones with the longest route, both exceeding 10 km. On the other hand, the Brotherhood which has the fastest route is that of the Brotherhood of the Holy Burial, which takes about four hours. The only Christ who parades with his back to the march is that of the Brotherhood of the Dulce Nombre, popularly known as 'La Bofetá'. The Brotherhood of the Bakers, to honour their noble profession, gives away bread sticks.


The only brotherhoods that carry horses are: the Hermandad de la Esperanza de Triana, the Hermandad de la Sagrada Lanzada, the Hermandad de la Exaltación 'SantaCatalina’ y la Hermandad de la Sagrada Entrada de Jesús en Jerusalén, ‘La Borriquita’.


In the Hermandad del Amor, we can find next to the feet of Christ the figure of a pelican because, according to legend, this animal opened its chest to feed its babies with its own blood, thus symbolizing the love of Jesus.


La Esperanza de Triana, the virgin of the brotherhood of the same name, wears an anchor and a rhinestone float on her sleeve because her headquarters is the Mariners' Chapel.


The brotherhoods of Cerro, San Benito, de las Siete Palabras, del Valle, de la Trinidad and del Santo, Entierro have three steps each one.


According to legend, the face of the Christ of Expiration, popularly called 'El Cachorro', is inspired by a gypsy nicknamed "El Cachorro" who was dying after being stabbed.


And these are just 10 of the many details and reasons to live the Holy Week in Seville. Do you feel like living it? One last detail, we have flats with excellent locations to enjoy those days in unique places, to enjoy the Holy Week in Seville in an exclusive way and very close to where the magic happens.