Las Setas de Sevilla

Barrio de la Encarnación de Sevilla

Built in 2011, this modern building was designed by the German architect Jürgen Mayer after winning the ideas competition organised by Seville City Council for the refurbishment of the centrally located Plaza de la Encarnación, where a market had originally been held since the 19th century, which had to be demolished in 1973 due to its poor condition. Its structure consists of 6 gigantic parasols whose design is inspired by the vaults of Seville Cathedral and the large trees of the Plaza de Cristo de Burgos in Seville. A curiosity? It is the largest wooden structure in the world.

Las Setas de Sevilla is a total of 28 metres high and is divided into 4 levels full of elements to discover and enjoy. From bottom to top, the levels are


Antiquarium (Museo Arqueológico): 

All visits should begin in the basement, where the Antiquarium is located, a 4,879 m² museum , where you can see the archaeological remains from the Roman period discovered during its construction. >It houses the mosaics that decorated some Roman houses (from the 1st to the 6th century) and an Almohad Islamic house from the 12th or 13th century. It also houses an interpretation centre on the history of the city. Entry costs €2.

Mercado de la Encarnación and shopping centre.

At street level is the Mercado de la Encarnación or food market, as well as a space used as a shopping centre with various shops and cafés.


La plaza de la Encarnación.

Directly below is the main square, a large, open-plan, cool space with a capacity for 4,300 people, designed especially for cultural events and public performances.


The viewpoint.

From the basement, a lift takes you to the top floor, where you will find “El Mirador de las Setas” (Mushroom Viewpoint) and a café-restaurant.

A 250-metre walk along winding walkways gives you a bird's eye (and 360º) view of Seville. This is undoubtedly one of the best viewpoints in the city, where you can enjoy spectacular views. As a recommendation, the sunset is the best time to enjoy it, when a thousand colours tinge the Sevillian sky and the city begins to light up.



How to get to the Setas de Sevilla:


Address: Plaza de la Encarnación, 14.

By bus: Lines 27 and 32.

By metro: T1 Stop Plaza Nueva.


Opening times for the Setas de Sevilla viewpoint: (updated on 01/2023)


Winter opening hours (November to March): Monday to Sunday 09:30 to 00:00, last admission half an hour before closing time.

Summer opening hours (April to October): Monday to Sunday 09:30 to 00:30, last admission half an hour before closing time.

Price for Mirador access: 10€ (free for children up to 5 years old).


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